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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

These two go way back so when it came to creating this new business, it just made sense for the pair to be business partners.

"Although our paths crossed back in middle school, Rick and I both worked multiple positions before coming together as business partners. When he and his wife heard of my retirement, they came to me with a proposal which led to the journey of creating The Woods ATV Adventures. This was the easiest yes of my life knowing that our friendship along with Rick's integrity and work ethic would be a recipe for success."

- Brad Niehoff

"Over the past 50 years many people had rode the logging trails with off road vehicles on the property which was risky because of the condition of the trails. This is when the idea of converting the area into an ATV recreational area full of safe trials stunning views was born. This is when Brad was brought in to bring our childhood dream to life."

- Rick Koetter

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