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This story dates back long before the founding of The Woods ATV Adventures.

Brad Niehoff and Rick Koetter created the business with their shared love for Starlight, Indiana and exploring the area with ATVs. Brad and Rick's history are what make this venture so exciting and our team are looking forward to welcoming you on our journey!


"My name is Rick Koetter I have a lovely wife Shirley, and 4 wonderful children Brandon, Shane, Shana and Courtney, and five loving grandchildren Noah, Reese, Zane, Harley and Dexter. I was born in 1961 and raised in the Starlight Indiana area. I went to grade school at St John’s elementary and later attended Borden Middle School. This is where I met my classmate and now close friend Brad. 


​Later in life my love for the area encouraged my investment in approximately 600 acres of timber ground located in Starlight. This property was all Classified Forest and mostly steep slopes with minimal trails. At the time, I didn't have a plan but I had a vision of the future of residents and visitors of Starlight using this place for recreation.  In 2018, there was a local real-estate auction that had a 22-acre tract that would connect my property to the main intersection of Starlight visitor attractions. Shirley and I made the purchase assuming that with enough effort and resources we could make it happen. ​


Over the past 50 years many people had ridden the logging trails with off-road vehicles on the property which was risky because of the condition of the trails. This is when the idea of converting the area into an ATV recreational area full of safe trails stunning views was born. This is when Brad was brought in to bring our childhood dream to life."


- Rick Koetter 


"Although our paths crossed back in the 1st grade, Rick and I both worked several positions before coming together as business partners. When he and his wife heard of my retirement, they came to me with a proposal which led to the journey of creating The Woods ATV Adventures. This was the easiest yes of my life knowing that our friendship, along with Rick's integrity and work ethic, would be a recipe for success."

- Brad Niehoff

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